Alan Weinstein, Executive Partner
Greater New York General Office
One Metrotech Center, Suite 1701
New York, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 854-8988


Alan came to New York Life in early 2003 as an Agent in the Greater New York G.O.  During his 2- ½ years as an Agent, he qualified for Executive Council both years and finished in the top ten of his class in first year commissions. He also qualified as a Life All-Star, a Zone Leader in Face Amount and was a Team Nominating Team Captain. In November 2005, he accepted the position of Sales Development Manager for the Southern Connecticut G.O., and helped the office grow into the highest rated GPA in the company. In January, 2007, Alan accepted a promotion to be a Partner in the Westchester G.O. where he was happy to work with his mentor and Managing Partner, Darin Fass.

Alan consistently won the Partner’s Career Success Award, Gathering of Eagles and was ranked one of the top Partners in the company, finishing 2009 as number 13 out 324 Partners company  wide.

In 2011, Alan accepted the position of Managing Partner in the Harrisburg G.O.  Alan graduated from Union College in 1993, received his Master’s Degree from Bank Street College of Education in 1998 and a Chartered Leadership Fellow Designation from the American College in 2009.

Alan is married to his wife, Deb. They have two daughters, Sarah and Chloe and two dogs, Brody and Hooper.